Over the years the primary focus of the office has however become planning, motivating and applying for developments rights for:

  • Single residential, group housing & retirement projects
  • Sectional-title residential projects
  • Commercial developments (retail/industrial)
  • Upgrading of existing informal settlements
  • Rezoning and subdivisions
  • Removal of restrictive title conditions
  • Site development plans

FIRST PLAN also believes in on-going training and encourages staff to attend training programs, including:

  • Planning legislation
  • Transport planning
  • Urban design
  • Conflict resolution within the planning process
  • Project management etc.


Quality service forms a core part of our values and this is ensured by trained technical staff, a fully computerised drawing office, electronic communication capabilities and the provision/submission of documents and/or plans in print or electronic format.



  • Planning policy interpretation
  • Risk assessments of possible applications
  • Application procedures
  • Evaluation of application assessment criteria


  • Rezonings
  • Subdivisions
  • Consolidations
  • Amendment, suspension or deletion of restrictive title conditions
  • Amendment, deletion or amendment of conditions in respect of an existing approval
  • Consent Uses
  • Regulation Departures
  • Temporary Land Use Departures
  • Determination of Administrative Penalties
  • Extension of the period of validity of approvals
  • Permissions required in terms of the conditions of approval of an application
  • Any other applications that may be prescribed ito the Municipal Planning By-Law or other planning legislation


  • New residential / urban areas
  • Group housing schemes
  • Retirement Villages
  • Commercial/industrial areas
  • Tourist facilities/overnight accommodation
  • Upgrading of informal townships etc.